ErhvervsCoach ®

First in Denmark. Est. 2002

ErhvervsCoach® - Copenhagen


Coaching, training & consultancy


Communication, relations, cooperation, leadership and strategy

• Established in 2002

• First business coach in Denmark

• Professional coaching since 1999

• Life, relational, career, business & leadership coaching

• Coach, NLP Master, Psychotherapist og Access Bars Practitioner

Problem solving, development, performance and results

Relations, cooperation, communication, leadership and change

In the field between people, organisation, business and process

ErhvervsCoach® offers over 25 years of experience with


• Complexity reduction, clarification and structure

• Self leadership, prioritisation, choice and decision making

• Goals, motivation, commitment and goal achievement

• Values, vision, mission and strategy

• Implementation, risk management, project management and tracks of results

• Efficiency, procedures and process optimisation

• Psychology, organisation and business development

• Stakeholder management, relations and culture

• Communication, cooperation, team and leadership

• Human insight, self insight, self confidence and personal development

• Psychological personal profiles, partnership profiles, team profiles and leader profiles

• Transactional analysis, assertion and personal impact

• Stress, performance, work-life balance and career

• Change, development, growth, authenticity and success


Shortly about ErhvervsCoach®


ErhvervsCoach® has over 15 years of international consultancy experience and over 25 years

of experience in personnel- and business development from international service and industry:


• Processes that lead to insight, structure, change, growth, performance and results

• In the field between psychology, organisation, process, technology and business

• In change, project management, leadership, relations, cooperation and communication

• Public, business and private customers


BusinessCoaching for:


• Leaders and employees

• Project managers and consultants

• Self-employed, entrepreneurs and private customers

• Partners, partnerships, teams, projects and processes


Expertise in BusinessCoaching:


• Leadership, team, cooperation, communication and business psychology

• HR, organisation, lean, project management and change management

• Strategy, marketing, concept development and business development

• Career development, competence development and personal development

• Stress management, mindfulness and access bars consciousness


ErhvervsCoach® aims at:


• Insight, responsibility, development, change, performance and success

• Innovation, creativity, resource and competence development

• Efficiency, effectivity, realisation of goals and creation of result paths

• Energy, growth, flow, quality of live and balance


BusinessCoaching in sectors like:


• IT and technology

• Bank, finance and pension

• Consulting and advisory

• Marketing and creative business

• Production and construction


BusinessCoaching in:


• Øresund'sk (Danish/Swedish/Norwegian)

• English, German and French


Profile of ErhvervsCoach®:


• International sales and marketing management since 1987

• Professional training and leadership development since 1989

• HR, management and process consulting since 1997

• Coaching and supervision since 1999

• Leader, team and personality profiles since 2000

• Leadership mentoring and career management since 2001

• Relational psychotherapy and group dynamics since 2002

• Lean, process design, implementation and optimisation since 2010


• MBA (trilingual) in Leadership and HR (management- & organisational psychology)

• BBA (trilingual) in international marketing (consumer behaviour & -psychology)

• Dipl. Project manager (specialised in consultancy & It)

• Cert. Lean manager (specialised in administration & services)

• Cert. International NLP Master in coaching


• Exam. European (EAGT & EAP) Psychotherapist (specialised in gestalt & groups)

• GATLA in relations, counselling and organisational development

• Master in relational counselling and systemic work

• Professionally trained in pedagogic

• Cert. in the Enneagram

• Cert. in DiSC, Leadership, coaching, recruitment, team, innovation, stress and efficiency

• Profound experience in MBTI/JTI


• Worked for: Sadolin / Akso Nobel, Fischer, Hoffmann, Complet / Merkantildata, Inscape / Discover, Codan, Forca, Mitchel Phoenix Ltd., PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen


ErhvervsCoach® believes:


Think straight and talk straight!

Your thinking determines your state!

Be present, see clear and act sharp!

Change your behaviour and you will change your results!

Live, love and lead authentically!


ErhvervsCoach ®

Cvrnr. 26612667


Kasper Thormod Larsen

Telefon: +45 61661900


Overskousvej 7, st, th.

DK-2500 Valby Copenhagen




ErhvervsCoach® combine business, psychology and process in order to help our customer to achieve sustainable change and results within project management, leadership, relations, cooperation and communication, lean-, business- and organisational development.


ErhvervsCoach® is first in Denmark and have over 10 years

of international experience. ErhvervsCoach® offers a simple, flexible, discrete and independent business model.















What you can become

depends upon

what you can overcome.

Anthony Douglas Williams


A mind that is stretched

by a new experience

can never go back

to its old dimensions.

OW Holmes Jr.


What we think,

or what we know,

or what we believe is,

in the end, of little consequence.

The only consequence is

what we do.

John Ruskin


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act,

but a habit.



Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin


If you think education is expensive,

try ignorance.

Derek Bok


Good leadership makes a difference,

mismanagement too!

K.T. Larsen


Where there is no leadership,

there is suffering!

K.T. Larsen


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