If you can tell me what you want – I can show you how to get it.

The issue is not getting what you want, because that is a lawful process.

That’s right. Success is a system – it doesn’t happen by chance.

The trick is to find out what you really want … to be, do and have.

As your elite coach I will teach and guide you through that and support you with a proven process that goes hundreds of years back, to achieve your goals and realise your potential, purpose, dreams and desires.

Below you’ll meanwhile find some free tips.

Goals are key for getting what you want and making quantum leaps

Goals shall stem from what you want – not what you think is possible. Thereby your desire, heart, soul and spirit. If not, they will not give you the needed motivation and drive, to do whatever is necessary to get it. Instead your logic and paradigms, will soon hijack your intellect, scare you and talk you out of it and back to status quo. That is also some of the reasons why it is so important for you to get out of your head and into your heart. Seriously, we live in a mental world, where the knowing-doing gab and the frustration just is growing.

You have got to ask yourself – what do I want?

Don’t limit yourself in any way. Your mindset and paradigms are probably already doing that. Quickly enough they will be telling you what you need, deserve, are aloud to have, can afford, have time for … what is logic and not, or what other people will think about it and you. They will even try to control your perception.

Logic goals will never help you make quantum leaps

Most people set goals after logic. What they think they can. Maybe plus an extra 10%. That is not a goal. We wanna 10x the results. Om my coaching programs I will teach you amazing things about goals and goal setting. Things I never learned on any standard coaching course, my MBA or as a top management consultant in the Big Five. By the way, goals are not even there for you to get, but for you to grow. And I will coach you and your results to grow beyond logic. I will even teach you how to work directly from you goal and beyond. Instead of from where you are to your present goal. Than and extraordinary secrets about goal setting will serve you to make quantum leaps – effortless and in folded time.

3×3 levels

As an elite coach I help people manifest results in 3 by 3 levels. The obvious three horizontal levels are personal, relational and professional. The three vertical levels are physical/ material, intellectual/ psychological and energetic/ spiritual. Chose and combine as you please. My elite coaching program is suited for all kinds of goals and can be used by 99% of the population. Even children.

Free exercise

Get in contact with your heart and let your imagination in your conscious mind drift. Imagine that you are in a goal-shop and that you can ask for anything you desire.

Sit down 15 minutes each day in at least one week. Some need to do to this for e.g. three weeks. Totally relax or meditate. Lower your barriers and open your mind. Let your imagination wander in the goal shop. Then each day, make three lists. Use big white sheets of paper like a4 and use a nice pen. Sit in a quiet and enjoyable place and just write down your wants in single words. Have all three pieces of paper in front of you. Label them with a date and as above – Personal, Relational and Professional. As the words of your wants pops up in your mind, write them dynamically down on the relevant piece of paper.

When finished – give it at least 15 minutes. Circle five wants on each paper and highlight the one of the five on each paper you desire the most. After one week or more, if you need that, look through the highlighted words. Maybe there is repetitive pattern. Maybe there is one want that pops up from one specific day. But choose one want from one of the three areas and write them on a new clean piece of paper in order of priority.

Then call me and I will tell you how to get it!


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